Sailing School
Navigating Science and Skill, 1550-1800
Table of Contents
Prologue. A Model Education—Seville, ca. 1552
Chapter One. From the Water to the Writing Book—Amsterdam, ca.
Chapter Two. “By the Shortest Path”: Developing Mathematical Rules—Dieppe, 1675
Chapter Three. Hands-On Theory along the Thames—London, 1683
Chapter Four. Paper Sailors, Classroom Lessons—The Netherlands, ca. 1710
Chapter Five. Lieutenant Riou Is Put to the Test—The Southern Indian Ocean, 1789
Epilogue. Sailing by the Book, ca. 1800

320 pages, 9 color illus., 70 b&w illus.
Published in the new ‘Information Cultures’ series from JHUP,
edited by Ann Blair, Anthony Grafton, and Early Havens
Extra Materials

– Abstract (français)
– Abstract (Nederlands)
– Extended Notes:
Supplemental Notes, Errata, Census of Manuscript Workbooks, & Extended Bibliography (online)

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